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Capacity Building for Social Change

HACEY conducts leadership training programs for in-school and out-of-school youths in Nigeria. We conduct leadership training programs that teach life building skills and empower young people to develop themselves to become socially responsible individuals. They participate in role playing games to give them better understanding of leadership and interactive games that teach the principles of teamwork and success. They are also imparted with knowledge on how they can better cope with school work and making the right career choices. 
Using the acronym ‘SMARTNESS’, HACEY empowers in-school and out-of-school youths  in Nigeria to be social change agents. In Ilorin, Kwara state where we started in 2007, over 3000 students have been imparted using this acronym and have become studious students in their disciplines, since then we have worked in six other states in Nigeria.

  • * S - Specificity
  • * M - Motivation
  • * A - Action
  • * R - Resolution
  • * T - Timing
  • * N - Necessity
  • * E - Endurance
  • * S - Simplicity
  • * S - Success

To get a free electronic copy of our S-M-A-R-T-N-E-S-S  book please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +2348131967570

Code4Impact Program

Code4Impact (C4i) is a hands-on learning program building digital literacy skills, especially coding and analytical skills in young girls and young women. The C4i program encourages, trains and mentors young girls in secondary schools (aged 10-17) and young women in tertiary institutions (aged 18-25) to choose STEM careers. The main objectives of the of the project are:

  • To build the capacity of 2,000 young women age 18-25 in 4 technology tracks, web application development, mobile application development, microelectronics and game development over a period of 5 years.
  • To support 2,000 Young women to use skills gained to develop SDGs-focused solutions
  • To train 5,000 young girls age 10-17 on basic digital and coding skills
  • To increase female involvement in technology in Nigeria by mentoring young girls in secondary school to pursue careers in STEM

A core component of the C4i Program is the C4i Bootcamp.

The C4i Bootcamp

The C4i Bootcamp is a 12-week training camp at the end of which participants develop community-impact solution addressing the global goals. The key components of the C4i boot camp are:

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Advocacy: Through community awareness, the C4i bootcamp engages communities to foster ownership of projects and ensure sustainability of projects. Key stakeholders such as partners, community influencers and key state actors are actively engaged in the design and implementation of projects. Social and traditional media houses and personalities are also engaged to promote key messages to a wider target audience.
  • Selection of Bootcamp Beneficiaries: applications for the C4i Bootcamp are web-based and are opened for about a month. Interested participants are requested to write essays which are scored and ranked and the highest ranking applications are shortlisted for interviews. After the interviews, participants are selected for the training.
  • C4i Launch and Pre-Training Conference: The Pre-Training Press Conference is designed to foster investment in increasing participation of more women in technology. Beneficiaries, partners and mentors and other invited guests are provided an opportunity to network. The C4i beneficiaries also receive study materials to prepare them for the training.
  • Training program: beneficiaries are intensively trained on the four technology tracks in the objectives over a 12-week period.
  • Hackathon: At the end of the training period, a 24-hour hackathon is held for the completion of the projects. The facilitators and trainers provide guidance and assistance to the 10 groups on their SDG focused solutions.

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Life and Vocational Skills Training

HACEY organizes capacity building for youths in Nigeria that teaches life building skills and empower young people to further develop themselves to become socially responsible individuals. To give them better understanding of leadership, learning by action model and interactive activities are employed that teach the principles of teamwork and success. In schools, young people are also imparted with knowledge on how they can better cope with school work and making the right career choices. To help us achieve this, the book ‘SMARTNESS’, published by HACEY in 2010 was used to engage and educate the students.  Using the acronym ‘SMARTNESS’, HACEY also empowers in-school and out-of-school youths in Nigeria to be social change agents and leaders in their communities. Till date, over 500 youths have been empowered across Nigeria

In 2010, ‘Project Elevate’ was developed to empower women in northern Nigeria. The aim of the project was to empower women to become entrepreneurs, thus providing for themselves and their households. Over 500 women in northern part of Nigeria benefited from this project.

In 2012, HACEY, in partnership with a faith based organization organized a leadership and entrepreneurship training program for 50 young people in Lagos state, Nigeria. The training program developed the leadership capabilities of young people who participated in the program and empowered them with adequate knowledge to prepare and develop their business ideas. The program followed up with the participants initiating social projects in their communities.

Reflection of a Mandela Washington Fellow: Does Africa Need an Education Reform?

Learning is great; not just because of its ability to expand the mind beyond recovery but also for its ability to shed light on the paths of life. And for a few who are committed to continuous learning, it delivers a deeper craving for something greater than self, a point at which we begin to realise that our lives are too small to be the purpose of living.


‘Empowering women is empowering the nation’ 

HACEY works with rural women in Nigeria empowering and supporting them to live healthy and productive live. Empowerment for women creates a multiplier effect in their lives and that of their children as they are the major caregivers in the family setting. Therefore, teaching women basic health knowledge will in fact improve the health of the family and community.
In training women to give them financial empowerment, previously HACEY partnered with the National Directorate of Employment in Zamfara state to train 50 women on how to make money from Interior decoration, and how to manage their business to ensure profit. After the training, the women were given money to start their own small scale business and monitored to ensure they had all the help and advice they needed. At present, some of these women have apprentices under them who they in turn train increasing the number of empowered women in Zamfara state. 
Integrated into the entrepreneurship training is health education – informing the women about healthy attitudes that will prevent avoidable illness and deaths for them and their children. They were taught how to recognise signs of illnesses and the steps to take in treating such. HACEY also held Health education programmes for women at Ilupeju - Ibafo community in Ogun state. SMS which teaches women about hygiene were sent to the phones of women in the community to provide information on how they can stay healthy.