Project Agbebi

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Project Agbebi is a community health project aimed at reducing the incidence of pregnancy related deaths and complications in Ibafo, Ogun state, Nigeria by providing education and support for traditional birth attendants provision of safe birthing kits, and developing effective referral systems between TBAs and health service providers to reduce maternal and child mortality. Ibafo is a local community located in Obafemi Owode local government area in Ogun state, South West Nigeria. The community is located at the border region between Ogun and Lagos states. Though an impoverished community, Ibafo is located 40mins from Lagos state's government secretariat, and about 30mins from Abeokuta, one of Ogun State's major cities. 


  • To increase the knowledge of 50 TBAs on safe birthing, ante and postnatal care, and family planning services through the use of a local educational documentary.
  • To reduce birth-related septic infections of mother and child through the provision and training on use of safe birthing kits to TBAs.
  • To promote communication and collaboration between TBAs and existing health facilities so as to improve maternal and neonatal health outcomes and case referral system.

 Expected outcomes

  • Increase in knowledge of TBAs on safe birthing leading to an expected 60% reduction in birth related complications
  • 50% increase in the number of pregnant women attending ante and post natal  care in the community
  • 50% increase in the number of self reported symptoms associated with pregnancy complication
  • 50% increase in the number of timely referrals between TBAs and existing health facilities.

Main activities of the project  

Educational Video
A documentary will be produced in the local dialect of the community on pregnancy related issues and will be used as a tool in educating local TBAs attending to women in the community. 
TBA Training workshops
Training workshops will be organized to educate TBAs on preventing birthing complications, early identification of infection in mother and child and identifying high-risk situations. 
Provision of Safe Birthing kits
The project will provide 2000 free birthing kits to TBAs in the community. The TBAs will be educated on the proper use and disposal of the birthing kits. 
Mobile Technology Health Education
Through the use of Mobile SMS, we will provide information on antenatal and postnatal care. 1000 community women will be registered in this service and will be provided with weekly information on pregnancy related issues.
Communication and Collaboration meetings