No water, no life, and safe water mean a healthy and productive life. Imagine walking miles just to get water, imagine how many children have to go late to school because they travel miles to get water for their families and imagine how people die every day because of one water-related disease or the other. […]

The UNFPA/Private Sector Celebration of ICPD@25 and UNFPA@50

The UNFPA/Private Sector Celebration of ICPD@25 and UNFPA@50 will celebrate the success of the UNFPA in the last 50 years as well as showcase opportunities in investing and implementing high impact programs on improving access to sexual and reproductive health, promoting reproductive rights, reducing maternal mortality and achieving gender equality in Nigeria.

11 Reasons Why

It’s been 11 years of creating a healthy and sustainable society. This video is our way of saying thank you to for helping us create a healthy and sustainable development. Please watch and share!

Breaking the razor – ending female genital mutilation through a holistic approach

  Even when performed by a trained healthcare professional, female genital mutilation is not safe. Nigeria currently bears the burden for the largest number of FGM cases worldwide despite current legislation banning FGM. Dolapo Olaniyan, project lead of the EndFGM Initiative writes on the dangers of FGM and action to end FGM in Nigeria. 

Because I am a Woman

Wale is a young guy, enterprising, hardworking and single. He goes house hunting and met with the Landlord, paperwork is done and he gets the apartment. I am a young woman, enterprising, hardworking and single. I went house hunting and met with the Landlord, he denies me of getting the apartment because I am a […]

Gender Equality is a Win for All

In almost every society of the world, gender inequality at various levels prevents women and girls from reaching their full potential. This is not only hinders the development of women and girls, it also prevents societies, especially in the developing world from reaching their full potential.