Climate change is a phenomenon that brings with it a myriad of social challenges that is known
to interfere with life as we see it ā€“ from culture to migration to faith. The adversities brought by
climate disruptions hit hardest where resources and infrastructure are limited, and adaptive
capacity is diminished. The issues are reflected as health disparities, economic imbalances,
disrupted livelihoods, forced displacement, and heightened social inequalities. Women and girls
often bear the brunt of these climate-induced hardships, especially in societies grappling with
gender disparities.

We featured the insights of young Africans for young person interested in leading a green social enterprise and ensuring organizational effectiveness, from the Zero Carbon Africa Impact Fellowship
during a workshop on sustainable investing facilitated by Pauline Muthoni Abiola-Oshunniyi.

To ensure the sustainability of your social enterprise, as a young person, develop your
projects incrementally and make improvements as you go. Start local, think global.

The climate crisis is demanding immediate action. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change (IPCC) report issued a chilling warning: rising sea levels threaten coastal
megacities, extreme weather events are becoming commonplace, and entire ecosystems teeter
on the brink. The World Bank estimates this could push over 100 million people into poverty by

Within this narrative of devastation, a powerful counter-current is forming: sustainable
investing. Bill Gates, in a recent blog post on Gates Notes, underscored the financial viability of
clean energy innovation. He pointed to the plummeting cost of solar panels and breakthroughs
in battery storage technology. This, coupled with the UN Environment Programmes
announcement of a record $5 trillion invested in sustainable assets globally in 2022, signifies a
significant shift in investor behavior. Companies prioritizing sustainability are not just
environmental stewards; they’re attracting capital and positioning themselves for a thriving,
green future. This convergence of climate change and sustainable investing presents a
groundbreaking opportunity. We can tackle this global crisis head-on and build a more resilient
future, one where environmental and economic prosperity go hand-in-hand.

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