empowering communities adapt and respond to climate change.

Climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges of our time.
Climate resilience encompasses the vital capacity of communities to effectively prepare for, adapt to, and recover from the adverse impacts of climate change. The communities most vulnerable to climate change consequences often face socioeconomic disadvantages and limited resources, making their ability to respond and cope particularly challenging.

Our strategic approach on climate resilience focuses on community-based, bottom-up methodology. We actively contribute to comprehensive risk assessment and mapping of communities throughout Nigeria to enable us identify and understand the hazards and risks associated with climate change.

We champion capacity-building initiatives and facilitate community-based adaptation programs. By empowering communities with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources, we empower them to effectively prepare, adapting, and recover from the adverse impacts of climate change.

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Zero Carbon Africa

Zero Carbon Africa builds up the capacity of young people to lead climate action in their communities.

RMNCAH is the sum total of an individual's reproductive lifespan – from infancy to adolescence, adulthood, and beyond.