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COVID & Women Economic Empowerment

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3 young girls who are beneficiaries of the Back on Track Program display liquid soap and disinfectants which they produced during their training.

M rs. James, a trader at the Lagos Balogun market, checked her purse one last time to be sure she had no money. Since she lost her husband due to the corona-virus and started observing the quarantine measures imposed by the government to stop its spread, she had not been able to earn even the meagre income she used to, selling used clothes and shoes daily to feed and take care of her health and that of her children.

COVID & Women Economic Empowerment

The COVID-19 pandemic has largely affected people like Mrs James in different ways, especially causing women and girls to a higher burden financially, educationally, and other ways. These impacts are felt especially by women and girls with a low source of income and financial status, affecting their overall economic stability and quality of life. The economic empowerment of women increases their access to economic resources and opportunities. Integrating women and girls in economic development policies and planning will lead to a more sustainable development outcome.

How Women’s Economic Empowerment Has Been Affected By The Coronavirus

  1. Inability to access quality health care due to health services being diverted by the pandemic.
  2. Inability to access quality health care due to health services being diverted by the pandemic.
  3. Due to the quarantine measures imposed, schools have been shut down, causing a halt to young women and girls’ education and skill acquisition.
  4. Gender wage gaps across roles and sectors can negatively affect women’s ability to purchase necessities and engage in COVID19 prevention and response efforts.


In response to the pandemic, women and girls’ economic empowerment should be recognised, Protected and supported.

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