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Edu-Giving Project

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One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria, most of them are girls — UNICEF. In 2018, Nigeria became a country with the poorest people in the world- overtaking India. Although poverty is a condition that does not discriminate, it has greater consequences for girls whose value may be rated differently to that of male siblings making them miss out on “the school experience”.

Educating girls promotes gender equality and empowers them to participate in decision-making affecting their families and the development of their communities. It also helps them to increase their self-confidence, so they won’t feel lesser than the boys.

The Edu-Giving Project is an online and offline platform that supports girls’ education and provides the best methods of enabling families to keep girls in school in highly underserved communities in Nigeria.

The Edu Project seeks to increase access to education for girls — thereby strengthening the provision of quality and gender-responsive education. This platform leverages technology (web and mobile application) and community networks to advance the education of girls in Nigeria.

To empower young girls to reach their full potential by providing quality education in underserved communities.


  • To reach and support 2,000 girls with education materials in underserved communities for the next two years.
  • To create a portal that will enable donation for girl’s education.
  • To increase the public’s knowledge of the importance of girl’s education through our social media platforms.


Thank you for considering donating to the Edu-Giving project. Your donation can help girls in underserved communities access quality education and experience the art of learning. You can be the difference they need.

Our Edu-Giving Events

On the first-ever International Day of Education, January 24th, 2018 we were at Itolo Girls Junior Secondary School to donate textbooks to the school library as well as educate the girls on the importance of education. The girls participated in our Safe Space program, a physical space where girls can talk to trained counselors about their reproductive health and rights, without being judged. There were “questions and answers segment”, where some girls received prizes for answering questions correctly.

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