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Gender-based violence (GBV) is a severe violation of human rights affecting individuals across diverse age groups, cultures, and backgrounds. It encompasses various forms, such as physical, sexual, psychological, and economic violence. Within GBV, sexual violence includes nonconsensual acts like rape, sexual assault, and harassment.

Harmful Traditional Practices (HTPs) are customs that harm women, girls, and marginalized groups, including female genital mutilation/cutting, child marriage, forced marriage, forced sterilization, and ‘honour killings.’ These practices violate human rights and harm health, education, and well-being.

At HACEY, our strategy focuses on addressing the root causes of GBV and HTPs, advocating for the comprehensive adoption and domestication of relevant laws and policy frameworks across all states in Nigeria.

We also provide survivors access to and information on holistic support services, including counselling, medical care, legal assistance, and economic support, towards empowering survivors for recovery and healing.

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StopCut Initiative

Project Agbebi is a community health project aimed at contributing to the global reduction of deaths resulting from pregnancy and childbirth.

life planning

Media Against Sexual Violence (MASV)

MASV equips media practitioners with the right knowledge on consent, sexual assault and resources for support of survivors.


Safe Space

The Safe Space is a program for girls aged 13-19 that empowers them through sexual and reproductive education and open expression.