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Despite the importance of accessing SRHR services, young people face a number of obstacles accessing sexual and reproductive health services including the fear of being stigmatized for being sexually active, unavailability of quality services, lack of information about available SRH services among others.

YouthChoose project helps young people in tertiary institutions across Southwest Nigeria know about SRHR services around them and how to access these services.

Through student SRHR champions in tertiary institutions, YouthChoose uses digital media to reach other young people with quality information on SRHR.

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Dialogue and positive guidance is ket to creating an enabling environment for young people to know about their sexual and reproductive health and rights and also creating an environment for them to access SRHR services.

Why is SRHR Important?

The Sustainable Development Goal 3 reflects the ambition to improve SRH services for people everywhere, including young people. This is important because young people have diverse sexual and reproductive health needs that need to be catered for and access to information about SRH services will empower young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health and well-being while ensuring they are able to maximize their life productively.

When young people are empowered to make the right sexual and reproductive health decisions, they, in turn, boost the demographic dividend of their country thus reducing the level of poverty and increasing their quality of life.

Access to sexual and reproductive service is not dependent on an active sexual life. It involves information on and access to modern contraception, information on menstruation, HIV & STI’s, testing and treatments among others. Research has also shown that knowledge about sexual and reproductive health and access to quality services have the power to improve the lives of people because it boosts their confidence and empowers them to make healthy decisions about their sexuality.

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