Safe Space For Girls

Providing Platforms for Skills Building and information on SRHR for girls

The HACEY Safe Space for Girls is a free program empowering girls aged 13-19 to explore sexual and reproductive health, leadership, and career opportunities in a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment. At the Safe Space for Girls, girls can access resources and mentorship for concerns related to sexual and reproductive health and sexual assault.

The Safe Space for Girls also has trained personnel to support girls in a non-threatening, non-competitive setting, ensuring equal engagement for every participant where they can enjoy free walk-incounselling, learning resources, computer access, and skills training programs.

The Safe Space for Girls also hosts periodic programs for personalrsonal, emotional, and educational development, guiding girls in making informed choices. We prioritize participant confidentiality, except in cases mandated by law (e.g., child abuse, protection issues, sexual abuse, and dangerous situations).

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