Sex Education for Children: Parents’ Responsibilities

Effective sex education program provides information about body development, sexuality, relationships, and skills to help young people make informed decisions about their sexual health. As the choices people make can have a long-term influence on their health and well-being.

A female child’s libido, sexuality, and sexual activity will undoubtedly influence her as she matures and She has the right to have a healthy life. It is society’s obligation to prepare a child by providing them with comprehensive sexual health education that equips them with the tools they need to make healthy sexual choices.

Many parents overlook the importance of sex education in the early years of a child’s life. When it comes to sexual problems, women are the majority of the victims. Some of these issues arise as a result of their sexual health being neglected.

It is critical that parents teach their children about sex education. Else, they may have learn it from elsewhere, where they may have been misled. Parents have a duty to prevent their children from stepping beyond their capabilities sexwise.

Statistics from UNICEF state that one in every four females is sexually abused before the age of 18. Sexual abuse should be taught to children by their parents. Many have been naively lured into sex at a young age, which eventually leads to adolescent pregnancy and others becoming addicts, which leads to prostitution.

They also need to understand their bodies, including the changes that occur as they approach puberty. A girl child must grasp the fundamental operations of her sexual organ and how to care for it to avoid unnatural alterations in their bodies. Additionally, it is necessary to notify them when they are about to breach the limit pertaining to their sexual organs or have been inappropriately touched by strangers or family members.

Parents should allow their children discuss their sexuality or any sexual issue that concerns them in a safe environment. According to what they discussed, parents should neither judge or impose fear on their children. They should guide them, counsel them, and find a solution to the problem.

Parents play a vital role in the life of a child. Hence, HACEY is urging parents to take responsibility and ensure that children are taught about sexual education and are prepared to use it if necessary. Also, our Safe space project can complement this train as we offer a safe space for girls to talk about anything without any form of judgment.

Learn more about our Safe space project at www. Hacey, org.

Written By:

Michael Adegboye

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