Education – Not A Luxury, But An Undeniable Necessity!

Amidst the pages of a book, one doesn’t just stumble upon knowledge; they unravel layers of resilience and untapped potential, discovering their own strength. With each turn of the page, a sturdier foundation for a brighter future is crafted, arming individuals with the tools to dream beyond boundaries, think critically, and navigate a world teeming […]

Increased Access to Education for The Girl Child As Prerequisite For National Growth

The term “girl child” refers to a biological female offspring from birth up until the age of 18 years old. This time span encompasses early childhood, also known as creche, nursery, or kindergarten (ages 0–5 years), primary education (ages 6–12 years), and secondary education (12-18 years). During this time, the young child is completely dependent […]

Girl Child Education

To educate a girl child is to invest in the future of a nation. Several recognized studies have shown that there is a correlation between female education and economic development. Even an increase in life expectancy has been tied to nations where a majority of the female children are educated. However, as great as this […]