TOMBEY: Empowering young Nigerians with knowledge and access.

TOMBEY is an adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive (SRH) project designed to provide safe and non-discriminatory access to quality, affordable and appropriate SRH information and services for adolescents and youths in Nigeria.

TOMBEY strives to bridge the gap between young people in Nigeria and vital sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information and services. Our core mission is two-fold: to amplify young people’s awareness and autonomy regarding SRH and to facilitate their seamless access and utilization of related resources and services.

TOMBEY acts as a central hub for SRH information, offering diverse avenues for young people to seek answers and engage in open conversations. Whether directly connecting with trained teen volunteers or participating in vibrant forums, TOMBEY fosters a safe space for young people to freely share their thoughts and experiences.

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