Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health

Women's Leadership, Political Participation & Decision-making

Creating Society

Lowering barriers women face in leadership through advocacy, policymaking and capacity-building for effective leadership.

Women in Nigeria and Africa face barriers to leadership in all spheres, from politics and business to community and family. Cultural norms, social limitations, and economic challenges contribute to this disparity.

At HACEY, our initiatives tackle this issue by promoting women’s representation in leadership positions and decision-making processes.

We advocate for effective implementation of gender quotas in politics, ensuring diverse perspectives and inclusive governance. We also provide targeted support to young women, including mentoring and training, to build their leadership skills and confidence. By creating a pipeline of empowered female leaders, we aim to achieve gender equality at all levels of society.


Youth Square Initiative

Project Agbebi is a community health project aimed at contributing to the global reduction of deaths resulting from pregnancy and childbirth.

life planning

TOMBEY is an adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive (SRH) project providing safe and non-discriminatory access to SRH information and services.

Safe Space

The Safe Space is a program for girls aged 13-19 that empowers them through sexual and reproductive education and open expression.

SRH Impact Plus

SRH Impact Plus helps in increasing the level of awareness and uptake of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services among young people.


Our Malaria Initiatives focus on providing access to information on malaria and life-saving materials for combatting malaria for pregnant women and children under 5.

HIV Counselling Testing

Through the HIV Counselling Testing (HIVCT) Initiatives, we create awareness and provide support for testing.

RMNCAH is the sum total of an individual's reproductive lifespan – from infancy to adolescence, adulthood, and beyond.