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Zero Carbon Africa Impact Fellowship

HACEY / Zero Carbon Africa Impact Fellowship

About the Program

The Zero Carbon Africa Impact programme is an initiative with the ambitious goal of bolstering Africa’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions. Our core focus is to enhance the capacity and knowledge of young people, positioning them as climate action leaders. By equipping the youth with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources, we aim to harness their potential as catalysts for transformative change.


  • Improve the knowledge and capacity of African youth about climate action and their roles in the implementation process.
  • Raise youth networks to domesticate, engage, and monitor the implementation of net-zero climate action plans.
  • Strengthen Africa’s commitment towards net-zero targets, in line with the Paris Agreement and national and regional levels.

The 10-Week Learning Tracks

Our 10-week program offers a comprehensive set of learning tracks, covering a wide range of climate-related subjects:

Climate Change and Sustainable Investing

Gain insights into the science of climate change and its impact on financial markets, understanding the pros and cons of different climate policies.

Climate Change and Human Rights

Explore the intersection of climate change and human rights, understanding the implications for vulnerable populations.

Planning for Climate Change in African Cities

Learn about urban resilience and adaptation strategies, examining case studies from different African cities.

Climate Change, Sustainability, and Global Public Health

Evaluate the causes and impacts of climate change on human health, and explore sustainable solutions.

From Climate Science to Action

Discover regional climate change impacts and sector-specific strategies for a low-carbon future.

Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries

Explore the complexities of growing economies while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Energy and Climate Policy

Gain insights into the design, advocacy, and implementation of energy and climate policies.

Doing Economics: Measuring Climate Change

Get hands-on experience with real-world data and its application to policy issues.

Program Structure

The Program is designed as a 3-month long training and advocacy program for African Youths and is divided into 3 components: 


A comprehensive 8-week training package on sustainable development goal-13 and international efforts to achieve net-zero targets. Gain a deep understanding of climate change science and urban resilience.

Climate Action Impact Interventions

Run concurrently with the masterclass, this component provides mentorship and practical experience in executing zero-carbon climate action projects.

Social Impact Showcase Event

Fellows will have the opportunity to showcase their projects, share best practices, and celebrate their collective efforts.

Expected Outcomes:

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Train 1500+ exceptional young African leaders on net-zero carbon and climate action-related subjects.


Empower 35,000 community advocates in African communities with green and blue economy skills.


Facilitate at least 28 high-impact climate action initiatives across Africa.

Join as a Mentor

Be part of the solution, driving climate action in Africa and beyond. The Zero Carbon Africa Impact programme is your platform to become a climate action leader and make a difference.

Apply now and be the change that Africa needs for a sustainable future!

Meet our fellows

Meet our Facilitators

Meet our fellows

Ifeanyi Ohanyere

Mayokun Iyaomolere  

Pauline Abiola-Oshunniyi 

Abiola Oshunniyi

Sope Afolayan  

Akufuna Muyunda 

Olumide Idowu

Habiba Ali

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