My Salvus

       "According to the 2017 report by Project Alert, there were 1,110 sexual violence cases reported between July 2013 – July 2015 in Lagos state alone, where 98% of the survivors were female and 2% were male. 95% of the perpetrators of the sexual violence case reported were not strangers to the children, but were either family members, friends, or close associates."

SALVUS (meaning ‘safe’) is a web-based platform developed by HACEY Health Initiative to facilitate safe and confidential reporting of sexual violence cases, with access to available comprehensive support services and relevant information with regards to sexual violence. SALVUS provides support for both male and female survivors of sexual violence, it enables survivors of sexual violence report incidents and access help via web, SMS or phone call, and includes counsellors ready to support the survivor. The platform hosts a database of sexual violence support service providers that survivors can reach out to for the support they need. It also provides support for service providers and individuals who are interested in learning how to help or support a survivor.

SALVUS is not just a platform that provides access to available sexual violence response services in Lagos, but also helps survivors make the choice they want without pressure. It is important that survivors get help within the first 72 hours after the incident to help prevent against negative health and psychological implications and preserve evidence for criminal investigation of the incident. Salvus provides contact to multiple SARC and toll-free emergency numbers run by both state and nongovernmental organizations in Lagos state.

To access the Salvus web portal, please visit